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The history of spices is as old as the world : Anthropological studies demonstrated that 50000 years before our era, man was already using a certain specific leaves to dress his food. Moreover, sacred texts, like the Bible or Sanskrit Scriptures, witness the presence of spices in the lives of ancestors where they often occupied an important place in the rites as well as the preparation of dishes. Spices had already acquired a certain commercial value in the ancient civilizations. The spice trade, till the 19th century had been an adventure full of passion and rich in events, which started in the 1st century.

The geographical situation of Mauritius, on the Spice route made the latter witness on, its coasts, the arrival of powerful traders who will give it an important place in this trade. Since the 17th century, the history of Mauritius is closely linked to the fabulous adventure of the spice trade in the East. Various rich and thrilling stories adventures of explorers, traders and administrators of the Compagnie des Indes Orientales are today part of Mauritian history.