Planifolia Vanilla pods

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Straight from the "Nurseries de l'Est".

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Sold in a vacuum package of 5 or 10 Pods, our Vanilla is black, soft and not dry. It is produced in Mauritius and is guaranteed organic.

Tips for conservation and use

Keep your vanilla pods dry, protected from light and air, as they cannot stand sudden temperature changes.

You can keep them through these ways:

Ideally vacuumed and protected from light.

In a tightly closed iron tin, but not too large so as to prevent the pods to be in contact with too much air.

In a glass jar and stored away from light.

Vanilla is known to fight against fatigue and insomnia, it is also an excellent anti-stress. It is an appetite stimulant and aids digestion. It is believed to be anti-depressing, aphrodisiac and antiseptic.

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